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photo credit: Johnson Tsang

Dear mama,

I write in pain and in anguish!

You brought me up in the fear of God, you gave me the best of guidance, and any time I question your motives, you reply by telling me that "I'm preparing you for your future husband"!

Oh Mama, here I am today, brooding over pains in marriage!

My husband, the man who paid my bride price to my kinsmen is after my soul!

Yes, you read it right mummy!

He gets angry at the slightest provocation, and he beats the hell out of me mummy!

I'm dying slowly mummy!

I'm dying slowly!

I've been told not to mention this to anyone!

Yeah, so I've been silenced mummy!

I can't hold it anymore!

Not a day in his household!

I beg of you mummy, I plead with you to speak to my kinsmen!

I didn't know I married a monster who needs emotional intelligence!

Help me mummy, just help me regain my composure; for my breath is fading slowly!

It's been a decade plus in this marriage!

I have all a woman can boast of, yes I do mummy!

But I'm not happy, hiding behind my Brazilian wigs and best of polishing!

But in my closet, oh that convenient place, I share the silent tears, I hate myself, I hate him for that continuous molesting and verbal abuse!

Save my soul mummy, for my soul mate is not the one I married!

Your daughter!


-AGEFI condemns abuse in relationship.

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