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Updated: Jan 27, 2021

It's a good day, yes a good one we can all attest to; for regardless of the unpleasant situations we may all have faced relative to the pandemic, life seems to be back on track concerning academia and education in perspective. But guys, let's be frank and commend the efforts of the government in its resilient fight against the pandemic. Having mentioned that, we can also say without fear or intimidation that, the story might not look well in most households. Yeah, as cheap as one may see the cost of a nose mask, some households may not be able to afford it, not to talk of its daily demand as long as the educational calendar is concerned. Yes, and of course the complex nature of self-care and control among children, especially if other types of nose masks should be patronized. Before the lockdown and its aftermath events, we all witnessed an upsurge in donations of PPEs, cash amounts, and other relief items from private individuals to the government. Yes, we also saw the urgency with which members of parliament, municipal chief executives, and other heads from government institutions, attached much priority to the plight of the general public. A friend says, "after votes, the docket is closed on campaigning", but if there are any moments most Ghanaians will need assistance from the government, I believe this is the right moment. As it stands now, safety protocols are to be observed by all and sundry, including our wards in school. But how long can this be consistent? Yeah, how long? I'm not a deep scientist, but can our children always be in a nose mask? Can we be sure, it will not pose any underlying health conditions? Can parents be sure to provide a nose mask to students at all times?

But can we also have a situation where children can avoid the nose mask with other stringent safety protocols put in place?

Forgive my ignorance, but thoughts like these keep lingering on my mind as schools resume.

In relation, we all know the fact that most heads of institutions may have lived for a while without any returns or income from their various institutions; for which they can boast of proprietorship.

Having mentioned this, we all know that money will be of much essence to them, but please Ghanaians are already burdened with the drawback of the pandemic so that it will be ideal, they take a critical look at the cost of expenses for the parents.

Little evidence from my little corner goes to confirm that, there are too many charges that can be reconsidered. In some schools, new admissions demands include the cost of admission form, admission fee, high cost of books and other learning aids, feeding fees, transport fees, library fees, state of the art facility fees, and some others in various jurisdictions.

We beseech you with all due respect, kindly consider the plight of the ordinary Ghanaian surviving from a raging pandemic, one which is still within the territories of Ghana.

If there is a way, the government must support all of the private institutions in the monetary sense, devoid of the usual bureaucracy and usual politics attached to it.

If there is an opportune moment for the average taxpayer to benefit immensely from the state, I believe this is the time.

God bless our homeland Ghana!

May God help the Ghanaian parent!

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