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Updated: Jan 31, 2021

"Necessity is the mother of invention"~so they say.

This assertion is not far from the truth.

From the cradle, through to stone age, until civilization took hold of the continent, the human mind always thinks of ways to survive.

My father, Rev Prosper Asamoah of love Sanctuary VBCi; in his delivery of the sermon, will mention to you that, "as humans, we are the 'image' of God Almighty ; in light of this background, we are naturally blessed with creative instincts."

Show me a developed country, and let's take a ride into their economy.

You will no doubt agree with me that, indeed creativity also has the backbone to a Nation's economy.

China and most Asian countries are leading the world today in the area of invention and creativity. And the returns can not be overemphasized.

I know of a company in Ghana, called Bizzoto Ltd; the kind of products coming from their outfit will marvel you. One of these days, take a ride through www.bizzotto products or check their Facebook page.

Most Ghanaian industries are doing extremely well in the world of manufacturing.

Apostle Safo Kojo Kantanka is a household name; as the saying goes, "familiarity breeds contempt", so sometimes, we do not really take time to appreciate our own.

Covid-19 is a disadvantage to most businessmen but after careful reflection, it will baffle you, the kind of opportunities we can generate out of it.

Or we should wait for that "stimulus" package from the government to AGI and other ventures of the Ghanaian economy?

The Ghanaian mind can create a lot when given the right resources, environment, and monitoring.

Let's check out the list of inventors, and it will marvel us that, apart from Bill Gates (the vaccine finder), lol, there are great minds in Ghana, the West African sub -region and Africa at large.

Check out the history and you will understand what the black Man's potential looks like.




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