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"Stomach has no holiday", whoever coined this, must be a "foodie."

That's what you will think, but he must be right.

Just like you, I also believe it makes a lot of sense.

As long as we live and take in "oxygen" from the creator on 24hr schedules without having to pay a penny, we will definitely eat.

As the cloud begins to usher in its beautiful rains, the Ghanaian farmer must be smiling with the hope of a bumper harvest.

But who takes the product to the final consumers?

This is where our wives, sisters, mothers, and general relations, come in to play a major role, that has helped humanity in ages past till present.

The market woman!

Hope to a hungry stomach!

The marriage sustainer!

An enemy to hunger!

In the wake of COVID-19, these are folks that have given a course, to ensure that, the "stay home" agenda becomes one without inconvenience.

You may think I like food, but I'm sure you are done with eating already, as I pray for time to draw closer, even as I happily break that fast.

Oh Ghanaian market woman, for your sake, we pray this life-threatening

pandemic disappears from our land.

Even when school children were still home, you have helped put smiles on their faces. Perhaps as part of activities earmarked for farmers day celebration, the organizers across the various regions, need to recognize and reward the services of these women, who will live no stone unturned ensuring that all citizens get readily available foodstuffs to purchase.

Your income is meant to take care of that broken home, that course fees, that hospital bill, to ensure the various households including yours, will not run short of food, thank you we say.

We pray God grants you the patience and wisdom to go through these trying moments .

As the world commemorates International women's day, Amewudah Girlchild Educational Inc, (AGEFI) extends salutes to our industrious women out there.

#God bless womanhood

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